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Regain Confidence in Your Own Two Feet

Find geriatric physical therapy in Bismarck, ND

As you age, it may become more and more difficult to walk, stand or sit as comfortably as you used to. These issues can increase your risk of falling, which, for geriatric patients, can lead to a wide range of other complications. Turn to Precision Therapy PLLC of Bismarck, ND for geriatric physical therapy. We'll work with you to make your body stronger, improve your balance and minimize your risk of falling.

Reach out to Amber at (701) 751-0705 to learn more about creating a fall and balance plan.

Improve your stability and avoid falls

We'll work with you to address the underlying issues behind your instability and develop solutions to strengthen your body, build confidence in your ability to stand and maintain your balance. Here are the steps involved in our process:

  • We'll determine whether your instability is due to diminishing strength, a balance issue or general loss of health
  • We'll develop an exercise plan to help you build strength in specific areas
  • We'll make detailed, easy-to-follow videos that will help you with your specific issue

You can count on Amber at Precision Therapy PLLC to help you regain your ability to stand tall.